What Can Henry Do For You?


Good talent is critical to any business’ success. Finding that talent in today’s complex business environment can be like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. While the Internet may make it easier for professionals to seek employment, it has greatly complicated the task of weeding through the job pool for truly skilled professionals whose personal goals and drive match those of your company.



Henry quickly identifies a targeted population by going beyond the usual shallow “connections.” He provides a thorough context to establish the professional’s suitability and then carries out an extensive investigation to determine relevant experience, personal goals, education, location, title and industry credentials. Once the right candidate is hired and in place, the reduction in turnover cost is immense, the competitive advantage to your company is obvious.



As a savvy, creative recruiter with a proven track record of success, Henry effectively researches and scrutinizes candidates to find the right person for your job, providing you with a distinct competitive advantage. His proactive approach to meeting your specific needs means he will seek out the most capable, skilled talent for your unique position.