Question: Why can’t I just go to an online job board to find resumes that match my position?

Answer: While it’s true that finding resumes may not be so difficult, you’re looking to hire a person, not a piece of paper. Assessing and selecting the proper talent is no simple task. It takes a great deal of time, resourcefulness and understanding of human nature to evaluate each candidate to select the most suitable match for your particular needs. We take the time and have the expertise to find you the person who will keep you in business and help meet your business objectives.

Question: In which fields or industries do you recruit?

Answer: We have experience in recruiting for sales and marketing, finance, and information technology as well as executives in other disciplines. We have also worked with clients to fill board of director and corporate advisor positions.

Question: What if I’m not looking for someone at an executive level?

Answer: We perform searches at all levels, mid, senior as well as executive, to suit your particular needs.

Question: What do you offer besides sourcing?

Answer: We provide thorough, on-going support from coordinating phone and on-site interviews, through reference checks, to contract negotiations and follow up. We can assist with job description development, interview questionnaires, and help devise a recruiting process for your company.

Question: How long does the process typically take, from the time that I contact you, until an offer is made?

Answer: Searches can take as little as one week to as much as six months. The time involved varies with the scope of services needed throughout the search process and the sense of urgency for your company. The majority of our searches, 70%, are completed within eight weeks.

Question: What can I expect your services to cost?

Answer: Because we tailor our efforts to your needs, we provide services on an hourly or retained basis depending on the extent of the services you require. Our fees have ranged from $300 for an evaluation of a job order and a review of an interview screening tool to as much as $480,000 for a full-service, intensive program that proceeds from concept, planning, recruiting and building a nationwide salesforce.